“In the fight against coronavirus, Ukraine focuses its efforts on the “Bioven” production”.

During the briefing, Maksym Stepanov stated that Ukraine didin’t focus on the method of blood transfusion from patients who have recovered from COVID-19 to non-infected recipients in order to develop their immunity. The key point in the fight against the disease is the drug “Bioven”, which is currently being developed by Biopharma.

According to him, the Ministry of Healthcare monitors various scientists’ proposals and relevant international research experience, but main focus lies on other ways to combat coronavirus.

“We don’t focus on the transfusion of blood from patients, because this procedure failed to provide good results and is not used in treatment protocols in other countries. Ukraine focuses on the production of hyperimmune immunoglobulin from this blood – a drug that can be used in COVID-19 treatment.
However, previous results suggest that hyperimmune immunoglobulin can ensure good results in the treatment process. Clinical trials of “Bioven” are currently underway, and we expect satisfactionary outcomes from these trials,” – said the Minister of Health of Ukraine.

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