Biopharma is joining the Global Collaboration to accelerate development of potential COVID-19 Hyperimmune Therapy

The world’s leaders in the production of plasma-derived drugs have joined forces to accelerate the development and production of hyperimmune immunoglobulin. The purpose of the drug is to treat patients with complicated cases of COVID-19.

CSL Behring (USA) and Takeda (Japan) have initiated the joint action. They have already been joined by Biotest (Germany), BPL (United Kingdom), LFB (France) and Octapharma (Switzerland). The collaboration will bring together leading industry experts from around the world to develop a reliable, effective way to treat COVID-19 patients.
“I consider this cooperation to be extremely important. There is no doubt that joint action will result in a major breakthrough in the fight against the pandemic. Biopharma is going to join its technology and resources for drug development, clinical research and production”, said the President of the company Konstyantyn Yefymenko.
In addition, we understand that the collection of specific plasma is one of the key points towards a successful outcome. This fact makes Biopharma a good player in cooperation, as we have both modern plants and our own network of plasma collection centers. We also believe in the professionalism of every specialist of all Ukrainian blood service centers and are confident in their willingness to participate in plasma collection. This is important for saving citizens.

It is envisaged that the development of hyperimmune therapy requires the donation of blood plasma from many patients who have fully recovered from COVID-19. Such people already have antibodies in their blood that can fight the novel coronavirus. The collected plasma will be processed into a drug with a high content of antibodies to COVID-19. In this regard, Biopharma calls to active civil society to promote the development of plasma donation.

Biopharma is a Ukrainian biopharmaceutical company. It is the only plant in Ukraine and neighbouring countries that has the technology for manufacturing and developing plasma-derived drugs. The company produces plasma-derived medicins for almost 50 years. Since 2019 Biopharma operates in a new R&D complex. The company focuses on the supply of medicines to Ukraine and, on a contract basis, supplies its products to over 30 countries. Also the company is developing a network of its own Plasma Centers. Currently, they operates in Sumy, Shostka, Konotop, Cherkasy, Dnipro and Kharkiv:
– Sumy, Shostka, Konotop https://www.facebook.com/sumykrov/
– Kharkiv https://cutt.ly/mtvDrZR
– Dnipro https://www.facebook.com/redlinednipro/
– Cherkassy https://cutt.ly/5tvDuz5

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